As the air turns cool and the leaves begin to change, thoughts of spending the day in the country are often top-of-mind. You can take a leisurely walk through a park, breathe in the crisp autumn air and enjoy the colorful foliage. Apple picking or a visit to a pumpkin patch is another fun way to enjoy the beauty of the countryside while also indulging in some delicious treats.

Savoring the Season: Delicious Fall Flavors

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Cinnamon roll

Autumn is the ideal time to indulge in the comforting, wholesome flavors of fall. From pumpkin-spiced lattes and apple cider donuts to warm apple pies and pumpkin bread, there's an abundance of mouth-watering treats to relish throughout all of Union County. Warm up with a fall-flavored drink at The Coffee Hall and Creamery or an in-season treat hand-crafted at Kitschen Bakery

Try one of the local bakeries or eateries for apple pies or cinnamon-flavored surprises at:

Harvest Time: Enjoying the Bounty of Fall

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As you explore Union County, you'll discover roadside stands brimming with fresh honey, crisp apples, bold pumpkins, and vibrant mums. And if you're looking for the best of the best, make sure to visit one of the many farmers markets that take place multiple days of the week. Whether you stop by Jen's Flower GardenStillwater MumsLocal Roots OrchardDutch Mill Greenhouse or Scheiderer's Farm Garden Center, you'll find an abundance of fresh-cut flowers or hearty mums to decorate for the season. 


Pro Tip: If you want to drive the region in search of unique stops, use the Naturally Crafted Pass map to find your way around the back roads for delicious finds.

Exploring the Vibrant Foliage in Nature

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Fall Park

Union County is an amazing place for outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy the beauty of the season while hiking, kayaking, biking or just going for a drive. The crisp fall air and stunning autumn foliage make it the perfect place to explore and appreciate nature. There are plenty of local parks and nature preserves for everyone to enjoy. 

With an endless list of educational programming, Glacier Ridge Metro Park is home to multipurpose trails for hiking or biking and is ADA-accessible. Richwood Lake Park offers a paved path making it easy to travel by foot. While you’re there, make plans to rent a kayak from the self-serve kiosk for a day out on the water, enjoying the reflection of colors on the water. If you have your own kayak be sure to plan a visit to Marysville’s Reservoir Park to explore at your leisure. 

Family Fun and (Some) Spooky Autumn Adventures

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Hay ride

Step into the mysterious realm of autumn, where the world takes on an eerie charm and the air is thick with anticipation. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a lover of all things spooky, Autumn adventure promises to awaken your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories right here in Union County.


Go here for a comprehensive list of fun events for October and beyond!

Apple Picking and Pumpkin Patches: Fall Farm Fun for All Ages

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If you're seeking a delightful adventure that embodies the spirit of this magical season, then look no further than the thrilling experience of picking apples and pumpkins! Imagine strolling through apple orchards with tree branches laden with fruit. As you wander through the orchard, a symphony of scents fills the air, not to mention the occasional buzz of bees!

The adventure doesn't end there! Union County has pumpkin patches dotted with vibrant orange pumpkins in all shapes and sizes just waiting to be discovered. Whether choosing a pumpkin for decorating your front porch or to carve into a jack-o-lantern, you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Union County apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and farm stands to explore:

Nature’s Grand Finale and Covered Bridge Trail

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Hiking and Trails

Experience the peacefulness of driving along Union County Tourism’s Covered Bridge Trail. The vibrant colors of the leaves set a beautiful backdrop as you wind through the roads. The covered bridges add an extra touch of charm and nostalgia to the already picturesque scenery. It's an excellent way to escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in nature's beauty. Start your trip at one of the seven covered bridges and then chart your course through the countryside of Union County. Plan a picnic at the Pottersburg Covered Bridge with a lunch packed with items purchased at Amish Heritage Country Market.

No matter how you choose to spend your fall getaway, one thing is for sure - you will be surrounded by beauty and serenity. So, pack a picnic lunch, grab a cozy sweater, and head out to the countryside for a day of memory-making.