There is so much to love about Union County - the unique charm in the simplicity of life, a slower pace that restores, and stories that intertwine like threads in a rich tapestry. In Union County, the true essence of community spirit thrives, fostering bonds that withstand the test of time. In this place, visitors and residents celebrate hidden gems, savor experiences, and create treasured memories that last a lifetime.

Embrace Nature's Bounty

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Richwood Lake

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Union County's outdoor offerings.

Calling all nature enthusiasts! Union County beckons with a paradise of outdoor adventures waiting to be explored. From tranquil parks to winding trails, the region boasts an abundance of recreational areas tailored to every outdoor pursuit. Whether you're drawn to the serenity of hiking at MccIvor Park, the thrill of biking, the tranquility of fishing at the reservoir or Richwood Lake, or the wonder of birdwatching in the parks, there's something for everyone to indulge in. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and discover the endless possibilities that await in Union County.

Explore Locally Grown Delights

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Richwood Farmers Market

Discover the bounty of Union County's award-winning wineries, craft breweries, and farm-to-table cuisines.

Step into the enchanting world of Union County through the Naturally Crafted Pass, an invitation to uncover the treasures of our locally grown and crafted offerings. Begin an all-season journey that celebrates our unique history, traditions, and vision, where every experience is infused with the essence of our vibrant community. Explore our award-winning wineries, renown craft breweries, and farm-to-table cuisines that tantalize the senses. Delight in the bountiful farmers' markets and indulge in made-from-scratch baked goods that showcase the artisanal spirit of our region. As one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation, Union County invites you to immerse yourself in hands-on experiences that promise fresh finds and cherished memories. 

Tip: Share your adventures with us on social media using the hashtag #NaturallyCraftedinUnionCounty 

Indulge in Flavorful Discoveries

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Bikes Creek Winery

From robust reds to hoppy IPAs, Union County's wineries and breweries invite visitors to indulge in diverse flavors, each telling its unique story.

Visiting one or more of Union County’s wineries and breweries offers a multifaceted experience that tantalizes the senses and enriches the soul. Beyond the enjoyment of fine wines and craft beers, these establishments provide a window into the artistry and passion behind each libation. Whether savoring a robust red or sampling a hoppy IPA, every sip tells a story, deepening one's appreciation for the intricate flavors and complexities of the drink. Peppered throughout the county, you will find Bokes Creek WineryDalton Union Winery and BreweryIll Mannered Brewing CompanyRavenhurst Champaign CellarsRhetoric Brewing CompanyTaphouse at Retreat 21, and Walking Distance Brewery.

Tip: Uptown Marysville has a MORA where you can enjoy your drink while walking downtown and shopping locally.

Timeless Beauty in Rural Landscapes

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Dine on a Covered Bridge

Experience the enduring allure of Union County's architectural treasures as these covered bridges stand as timeless symbols of beauty amidst rural landscapes.

Embark on a captivating journey through Union County's picturesque countryside and immerse yourself in the charm of its iconic covered bridges. Follow the enchanting Covered Bridge Trail, where each bridge unveils its own captivating tale and distinctive character. Whether found in their original spots, meticulously restored, or gracefully weathered by time, these architectural marvels exude timeless beauty against the backdrop of rural landscapes. Discover the rich history and intricate details that make each bridge a cherished landmark, inviting you to step back in time and experience the enduring allure of Union County's heritage.

Tip: Plan an outing during one of the Dine on a Covered Bridge events, where you will be treated to fine dining on the Pottersburg Bridge surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Celebrating Community and Cuisine

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Celebrate the vibrant culinary culture of Union County, where every meal is a celebration of community, culture, and delicious cuisine.

Indulge your taste buds and embark on a culinary adventure through Union County's vibrant dining scene. From cozy cafes to upscale eateries, our region boasts a diverse array of delicious restaurants waiting to be explored. Savor the freshest ingredients and innovative flavors crafted by talented chefs who are passionate about creating unforgettable dining experiences. Whether you're craving farm-to-table cuisine, international fare, or classic comfort food with a twist, there's something to satisfy every palate. Pick your culinary delight here.

Tip: Many of Union County’s restaurants offer live music, find our updated and current list here.

Sweet Temptations and Invigorating Brews

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Red Hen

Whether you're craving decadent desserts or in need of a caffeine fix, Union County's bakeries and cafes offer a tempting array of options to satisfy your cravings and enliven your senses.

Start your day on a journey to explore the array of sweets and treats in Union County, a delightful adventure worth savoring. Rooted in a rich history of homegrown recipes and traditional baking techniques, our locally-owned bakeries and cafes continue to uphold these cherished traditions. From flaky croissants to scrumptious cakes, every bite is a testament to the skill and passion of our talented bakers. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a range of delectable desserts, or indulge in freshly brewed coffee to invigorate your senses. Union County's culinary offerings are sure to cater to every taste and leave you wanting more.

Tip: Check the hours of operation for each location you want to visit; these vary greatly.

Discover Artistic Gems in Small Towns

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Uncover the vibrant arts and culture scene in Union County, where small towns boast an abundance of creative outlets waiting to be explored.

Small towns often have an abundance of arts and culture that can take visitors by surprise, and Union County is no exception. You can plan your day around making a fun craft at Hammer and Stain in Plain City, or paint a unique picture at Marysville Art League. If you're looking for an evening activity, Crooked Door Studio offers painting classes paired with cocktails or coffee. To top off your cultural experience, attend an event at The Avalon Theatre, where the community comes together for live performances and movie nights. Don't forget to grab some popcorn and a drink for a night of entertainment.

Loving Union County is more than just appreciating its scenic landscapes or enjoying its culinary delights; it's about embracing the warmth and spirit of a close-knit community. From exploring the enchanting Covered Bridge Trail to savoring the diverse flavors of locally-owned wineries and breweries, Union County offers a wealth of experiences that celebrate its rich heritage and vibrant culture. Whether immersing yourself in the beauty of nature, indulging in delicious cuisine, or discovering hidden artistic gems, there's always something new to love about Union County. 

Make a Weekend of It!

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